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Workforce Development and Training Needs in Buloke

Workforce Development and Training Needs in Buloke  


Buloke Shire Council is pleased to release a report on ‘Workforce Development and Training Needs - Buloke Shire’ (2019).

In 2017 The Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner undertook a ‘Regional Skills Demand Profile for the Mallee’.  This report provided valuable information for most areas of the Mallee, however it was not able to look at the specific challenges that were unique in the region to smaller local government areas such as Buloke and Gannawarra.

Council understands the importance of a skilled workforce to ensuring a strong economy. In June of this year, Council worked with the Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner, the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions and Regional Development Victoria to commission a report to better understand the specific challenges faced by employers in accessing and maintaining a skilled workforce in Buloke.

Recognising that the challenges are significant, we do believe the information and evidence contained in this report should provide the foundations for short, medium and longer term actions that will increase access and equity to skilled training opportunities for both employers and employees in the Buloke Shire.

Buloke Shire Council looks forward to working with government, business, industry and the broader community to realise the full potential of a strong skilled workforce in Buloke.  

Read the report on 'Workforce Development and Training Needs - Buloke Shire’ (2019).

For more information on the report contact Council's Economic Development and Tourism Lead, Amber Ricks on 1300 520 520