June Meeting Wrap

Publish Date: 15 June 2020

Council’s June Ordinary Meeting was highlighted by the noting of the results of 2020 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey and the hearing of submissions to the proposed Annual Budget 2020/21.

Council has noted a further rise in satisfaction from the results in the of 2020 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey for a majority of measures. These reports are coordinated annually on behalf of all Victorian Councils by the Department Environment of Land, Water and Planning. 

The results demonstrate an overall three-point improvement on the 2019, continuing a multi-year trend of improvement from 2016 and is the best overall result since 2012. This puts Buloke on par with the state average and two points higher than Council’s Small Rural Council cohort.

Presentations to submissions have been heard on the proposed Annual Budget 2020/21. All submissions received and presentations provided will form part of Council’s consideration in respect of the Annual Budget to be adopted for 2020/21.

Council will advertise the date and location of the Meeting to adopt the budget when these details are finalised.

Council will now seek submissions on its Draft Governance Rules. The draft rules demonstrate Council continues to provide good governance through the performance of its role in accordance with the overarching governance principles and supporting principles of the Local Government Act 2020.

Further progress has been noted against the Economic Development and Tourism Strategy. The strategy, which is reported on twice each year, is a four-year plan. Notable highlights this year include the securing of $4.45 million for streetscape projects across the Shire, $300,000 of funding to establish a tourism hub in Sea Lake, delivery of multiple traveller’s rest facilities and development of the Loddon Mallee Renewable Roadmap.

Council also considered a range of policies at the meeting with the Procurement Policy, Election Period Policy and the Loan Guarantee Policy all being adopted.

The minutes and documents to related to this meeting, including the 2020 Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey Results, will be made available on Council’s website.

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council is scheduled to be held from 7.00pm on Wednesday 8 July 2020.

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