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Lawn Queen: Jodie's Winning Green

Jo_Winner 2024 Buloke Best Lawn

Lawn Queen: Jodie's Winning Green

Publish date: 31 January 2024

In a vibrant display of community spirit and dedication to residential beautification, Buloke Shire Council was thrilled to announce Jodie Westerland as this year's 'Best Lawn' winner at the 2024 Australia Day Eve celebrations.

Jodie Westerland, through her commendable efforts, mowed down the competition and set a benchmark in lawn maintenance, earning a year’s free green waste disposal received at her local landfill.

This year’s competition holds a deeper meaning as we remember the impact of Japanese Encephalitis on our community. Through such initiatives, we aim to foster a culture of maintaining safe and inviting outdoor areas.

We extend our gratitude to all participants who have contributed to making our environment more pleasant and safe and acknowledge the support of the Federal and State Government's Community Recovery Hub program, which plays a vital role in enhancing our community's resilience and recovery efforts.

Remember, simple actions such as keeping lawns trimmed and turning over items that collect water in your yard after rain events, contribute significantly to reducing mosquito breeding areas. For more tips and information on mosquito prevention, visit

Should you have concerns regarding stagnant water from last year’s floods, please contact the Council’s Environmental Health Team at 1300 520 520, or visit for more information.

Council remains committed to monitoring and treating mosquito breeding grounds. While no spraying for adult mosquitoes is currently undertaken, the council actively treats larval stages with biological larvicides at known sites.

Residents are urged to adopt bite prevention strategies like covering up and using repellent, especially during the peak mozzie breeding season in March-April. For more personal mosquito protection, consult local chemical/agricultural suppliers or licensed pest controllers.

This year, the 'Best Lawn' category stood out singularly as the only entered category, with the 'Yard Transformation' competition receiving no entries – an overlooked chance to win for those who hastily trimmed their overgrown residential greenery just before the start of the fire season. Maybe next year!

Let's continue to work together in creating a safer Buloke.

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For further information contact Manager Customer Engagement, 1300 520 520 or