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Council Makes In-principle Decision on Aged Care Services

Council Makes In-Principle Decision on Aged Care Services

Publish Date: 21 February 2023

Buloke Shire Council has made an in-principle decision to withdraw from its Commonwealth Government funded role for home support service provision for aged care and people with a disability. This in-principle decision will trigger a process of thorough consultation with impacted stakeholders to inform a final decision.

The provision of these services has been an important part of the Buloke Shire Council’s operations for nearing 40 years, however with the comprehensive changes to be introduced as the Commonwealth Government progressively reforms the national aged care system, Council has reviewed its position and taken an in-principle decision to exit service.

The reforms focus on the improvement of quality, safety and choice in aged care services. They address the need to simplify the process for clients, improve the standard of care and provide clients and carers alike with more choice and control.

Council has carefully considered the options available as a result of the significant reforms and has taken an in-principle decision to trigger this period of consultation. This process begins with discussions and feedback regarding the proposed changes with affected staff and their representatives as well as clients, families, and the broader community to ensure all feedback is received and collated to inform a final decision.

It is proposed that Council will receive a further report on this matter on Wednesday 12 April 2023, this report will include:

                     Feedback and other information received through consultation with affected staff

                     Feedback and a summary of interactions with clients and families

                     Broader communications and feedback with community and stakeholder groups

                     Any updates from the Commonwealth and Victorian governments

Please note that until a decision is confirmed, and future provider transition arrangements agreed there is no change to the employment status of affected staff or clients.

Council is committed to genuine consultation with staff and other stakeholders and will invest in processes and structures to enable this to occur over the coming weeks.

The formal consultation period will close on Friday 17 March 2023 to enable the preparation of a Council report to the April Council Meeting.

Should Council confirm its in-principle decision to exit service provision following stakeholder consultation, an intensive period of transition planning will occur with the newly appointed provider/s to determine a process that does not compromise ongoing services to clients.

The Commonwealth government will be the final decision maker to determine which providers are appointed to the Buloke area.

Further information on the consultation will be made available by Buloke Shire Council through its normal media channels.


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