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Parks and Urban Maintenance

Apex Park Sea Lake

The Parks and Gardens Team is responsible for routine, preventative, on-going maintenance and improvements to enhance the viability and vibrancy of all parks, gardens, playgrounds, streetscapes, furniture and public amenities provided by Buloke Shire.


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  • Public Area Cleaning Council helps keep streets and public places clean and safe through litter bin collections and street and footpath sweeping.
  • Street Furniture Council has a legal responsibility for the regulation of street furniture in public places.
  • Street Lighting The provision of street lighting is an important element in any community. Council works closely with our energy providers.
  • Gardens and Playgrounds Buloke Shire Council manages a number of Parks and Gardens within the Municipality.
  • Streets and Parks Council's Parks Maintenance section carries out maintenance works on all parks in the Buloke Shire.
  • Urban Maintenance Council has a maintenance program as part of its commitment to enhancing our towns image and providing a safe community.
  • Smart Cities Project Information on Bulokes trial Internet of Things (IoT) technology to inform decision-making, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Mildura, Buloke, Gannawarra and Swan Hill councils are participating in the 12-month Smart Cities project, which runs until June 2022.