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  • Audit and Risk Committee Charter The Charter in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020 (Victoria) is an essential element of good governance, guiding how Council works with the Audit and Risk Committee for the benefit of the community and its organisation.
  • Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected within our organisation.
  • Complaint Handling Process At Buloke Shire Council, our customers are our number one priority. We are committed to continually improving the services we provide to our communities and have put a range of measures in place to achieve this.
  • Governance Rules The Governance Rules provide for a range of Council activities including Council Meetings, committees, election period and other matters prescribed by the regulations made under the Act. Updated 10 August 2022.
  • Documents Available for Public Inspection The Local Government Act requires each Council to make a number of documents available for inspection at the Council office upon request.
  • Human Rights Human rights are what reason requires and conscience demands. They are us and we are them. Human rights are rights that any person has as a human being.
  • National Competition Policy The principal objective of NCP is to promote competition within the economy where it is considered to be in the public benefit.
  • Equal Opportunity Equal opportunity is a stipulation that all people should be treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences.
  • Freedom of Information The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) gives you the right to request information held by the Buloke Shire Council.
  • Public Interest Disclosures The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012 came into operation on 10 February 2013 and Council is subject to this Act.
  • Carers Recognition Act 2012 Supporting people in care relationships in Victoria.