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Our publications2

Please choose from the below list of publications.  
  • Budgets Each year Council prepares an Annual Budget that outlines the financial implications of the actions in our Council Plan.
  • Council Plan The Council Plan is a comprehensive overview of Council's values, commitments and activities.
  • Annual Report The Annual Report is a key performance report to the community that outlines how well Council has performed against the targets it had previously set for itself in the Council Plan.
  • Policies Policies are a representation of the values that Council will take into consideration during its decision making process.
  • Plans Information and access to many of Council's plans including the Road Management Plan, Municipal Emergency Management Plan and the Domestic Animal Management Plan.
  • Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected within our organisation.
  • Meeting Procedure and Common Seal Local Law No.15 Council is required by the Local Government Act 1989 to have a local law regulating the conduct of Council meetings and the use of Council’s common seal.
  • Stories of the Flood 2010-2011 Publications outlining Buloke's biggest ever flood events in 2010-2011.