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  • Asset Management Strategy The Council is custodian of an extensive range of community assets that it provides to facilitate delivery of its services to the community. This strategy describes the current status, vision and actions for improving asset management within the Buloke Shire Council...
  • Advocacy Strategy This strategy is intended to aid in advocacy activities led by Council by setting out a clear and compelling case for financial and policy support. Council continuously works with other levels of government, agencies and organisations to achieve its goals for the community.
  • Buloke Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2020-2025 The Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2020-2025 provides a plan for future waste and resource recovery in Buloke giving guidance and direction to Council.
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy and Plan The Buloke Shire Council Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy and Plan is a clear, concise and actionable plan for implementation into the Council and community.
  • Customer Experience Strategy 2022-2025 The purpose of this strategy is to set out the organisation’s commitment to customer service excellence, both internal and external. It is designed to provide a clear way forward in meeting the service needs of our customers now and in the future.
  • Interim Economic Development and Tourism Strategy 2022-2023 Council has developed the 2022-2023 Interim Economic Development Strategy in close consultation with a sub-group of the Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee. The interim Strategy will build upon the 2018-2021 Strategy,
  • Positive Ageing Strategy 2013-2019 Buloke Shire Council adopted its Positive Ageing Strategy in April 2013.
  • Revenue and Rating Strategy 2019-23 The purpose of the Revenue and Rating Strategy is to set out the system of rates and charges adopted by the Buloke Shire Council for the purposes of distributing the rates burden across the municipality on a fair and equitable basis.
  • Rural Advocacy Strategy Rural Advocacy Strategy
  • Waste Management Strategy 2012-2022 This Waste Management Strategy provides a vision for future waste management in Buloke and was developed through discussion with the local community.
  • Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Transport Strategy - Final Endorsed Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Transport Strategy