• COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy The purpose of this policy is to address temporary financial hardship due to impacts of COVID-19.
  • Complaints Handling Policy This policy aims to ensure that customers can raise their complaints easily and with confidence that Council will listen and respond to their concerns, and handle their complaint in a fair and equitable way.
  • Election Period Policy This policy is to ensure general elections for the Council are conducted in a manner that is fair and equitable.
  • Rating Policy The purpose of the Rating Policy is to establish the framework for setting the Buloke Shire Council’s Revenue and Rating Strategy.
  • Procurement Policy The purpose of Buloke Shire's Procurement Policy is to assist Council to meet its obligations and responsibilities.
  • Financial Hardship Policy Buloke Shire Council offers a range of payment options and assistance measures to help ratepayers who are facing hardship or who would like to stagger payments over several months.
  • Civic Function Policy The Civic Function policy is to establish guidelines for the approval and standards for hosting official Council functions and events relevant to civic or ceremonial occasions.
  • Flag Flying Policy This policy relates to the flying of flags at Council’s offices and other buildings. Buloke Shire Council has three illuminated flag poles located at its Wycheproof Office. The Australian Flag and the Aboriginal Flag are flown at all times. If no other significant or approved flag is being flown, the Buloke Shire Council flag will fly on the third pole.
  • Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection Policy This policy defines the level of service provision and entitlements for Council’s kerbside waste and recycling services and outline the requirements for both Council and ratepayers in providing the service.
  • Information Privacy Policy The purpose of this policy is to assist Council to meet its obligations under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and to provide a framework for the responsible handling and management of personal information of individuals by Council.
  • Child Safe Policy The purpose of the Child Safety Policy is to set a consistent approach to introducing Child Safe Standards for the organisational staff that puts the safety of children above all other matters and accepts that child safety is everybody’s responsibility.
  • Naming of Roads, Features and Localities Policy This policy sets out the guidelines and principles that need to be followed by Council officers when naming a road, feature or locality within the Shire boundaries.
  • Fraud and Corruption Reporting Policy This policy clearly documents Council’s commitment to protecting Council property, assets and public money against internal and external fraud and corruption.
  • Loan Guarantee Policy This Policy also outlines the criteria for Council’s assessment and decision making for loan guarantees to a community organisation by a financial institution.