Buloke Shire Council offers a range of payment options and assistance measures to help ratepayers who are facing hardship or who would like to stagger payments over several months.

To apply for further time and to arrange a payment schedule, please contact one of Council’s Customer Service Officers on 1300 520 520.

Applying for an exemption

Overdue rates will be charged with interest. The interest rate is 10.5% per year and will be charged on the amount owing from 8 August to the date of payment.  Council will consider a ratepayer’s request to have the interest waived if there are exceptional circumstances involved.

If you need to apply for an exemption you will need to write to us stating the reasons why you believe the interest should be waived. Please include any documentation that supports your request.

The following are not acceptable reasons for us to waive the interest charged for late or non-payment:
  • I have not received my rates or instalment notice;
  • I did not receive my notice due to postal delays;
  • I paid the first rate instalment late and I did not contact Council to be put on the instalment payment system.

It is a ratepayer's responsibility to make sure that rates are paid by the required due dates.

Rates and Charges Financial Hardship Policy 

This policy relates to the deferring of payment of any rates or charges, or the granting of a waiver of outstanding interest  on rates or charges, whether whole or in part to individual persons.

Rates and Charges Financial Hardship Policy.