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Buloke Teams Up With VicHealth To Drive Health Change

Buloke Teams Up With VicHealth To Drive Health Change

Publish Date: 3 May 2021

Buloke Shire Council is putting young Victorians in the driver's seat to help create a healthier future as part of a new VicHealth initiative.

The project will see Buloke join 16 other ‘fast-track’ local government areas in giving children and young people a seat at the decision-making table, as councils create connected and supportive communities through the design of their Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans. Through this funding, Council will be employing a part-time Youth Partnerships Officer to facilitate the planning and development of youth-based partnerships across the Shire.

Council is looking forward to working closely with children and young people to ensure they are heard and included in planning for a healthy future, as part of the VicHealth Local Government Partnership – young people leading healthier communities project.

“The VicHealth Local Government Partnership will see strong and long-lasting outcomes for our community, including those who face barriers to reaching their full health potential, because of circumstances such as their income, cultural background, gender, age or where they live,” Mayor Cr Daryl Warren said.

“Buloke is a vibrant and diverse community. We’re excited to involve young people in this project to ensure their voices are heard in creating a happier and healthier future for all.”

VicHealth CEO Dr Sandro Demaio said this new partnership aims to help children grow up active, connected and healthy.

“Local governments have said they want to work with us in a way that is tailored to young people in their communities. By offering meaningful opportunities where young voices can be heard, we can support young people to reconnect and inspire more creative local solutions,” Dr Demaio said.

“Over the next 5 years we’re excited to partner with local Victorian councils, like Buloke in a strategic and equitable way, through evidence-based modules and communities of practice, to secure a healthy future for all young people.” 

This partnership comes off the back of a VicHealth survey which shows 4 in every 10 young Victorians aged 18 to 24 had difficulties staying connected to others in 2020 (up from 3 in 10 before coronavirus restrictions began). Among those surveyed, 4 in 10 were also concerned about their job prospects and 2 in 10 said they did not trust their neighbours.

The VicHealth Local Government Partnership initiative involves a range of evidence-based health promotion modules for local councils. The modules have been developed with input from a range of expert partners, including academics, community organisations and people with lived experiences, to help create effective, equitable and sustainable change in local communities.

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