Buloke Budget Adopted 

Publish Date: 2 July 2020

Buloke Shire Council has adopted its Annual Budget 2020/21 at a Meeting of Council held on 1 July 2020.

The compilation of the budget was informed by Council’s strategic plans, in particular the Council Plan, Buloke 2030 Community Plan and the Long Term Financial Plan.

Council received submissions from the public at its June Ordinary Meeting which were considered in respect of the budget.

Following these presentations, the budget was amended to include $30,000 to support a Master Plan for the Wycheproof Golf Club and broader recreational precinct.

This is Council’s first Annual Budget since the repayment of the $7 million fixed term loan taken out in 2014. Council can now invest more heavily in its infrastructure program, most notably with a $6.6 million injection into local roads.

Supporting business is a huge priority in the current climate and the key initiatives contained within the budget reflect that, including:

·         Streetscape rejuvenation works for all 10 townships valued at $3 million

·         Upgrades to the riverfronts at Donald and Charlton valued at $1.7 million

·         Completion of the Lake Tyrrell Tourism Infrastructure project valued at $4 million

·         Upgrades to caravan parks at Wooroonook Lake Caravan Park, Charlton Travellers Rest, Wycheproof Caravan Park and Donald Caravan Park Lake.

All up, the $17.4 million capital works program is one of Council’s largest ever investments into infrastructure.

New operational initiatives include support for Lake Committees in paying for filling recreational lakes and a rebate on registration fees for food, beauty and prescribed accommodation businesses.

Annual valuations continue to impact on the individual rates that all of our property owners receive. With a large increase in farm values again this year, Council has revised its rating differentials and has adopted an 80% differential rate for farmland, down from 82% in 2019/20.

The budget also includes a rate increase of 2%, which is in line with the cap set by the Fair Go Rates System.

Council also noted the need to incorporate significant additional capital and operating grant funded projects received in May and June into the budget. The most notable being the fully funded $2.7 million Working for Victoria Program and $4 million streetscape funding.

“Council has developed this budget in a time where the COVID-19 pandemic is placing global, national and local economic conditions under significant stress. We have introduced a range of measures in order to support our residents and businesses in getting through this time and will initiate a buy local and liveability campaign in collaboration with the community. We need to be agile and monitor the budget closer than ever,” said Mayor Cr Carolyn Stewart.

View the Buloke Shire Council Annual Budget 2020/21.

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