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Two Outstanding Educators Who’ve Shaped A Community

Two Outstanding Educators Who’ve Shaped A Community

Publish date: 14 December 2022

In almost all cases, you will find that the people who are successful at life were once helped by someone in their past – someone who cared about them and wanted them to flourish.

Many past and present Charlton Kindergarten students will recognise educators, Sharon McLean and Deb Whykes, as their ‘special someone’, who’ve helped to shape their foundations for life.

Sharon and Deb were given a fitting farewell luncheon, surrounded by parents, guardians, colleagues and students past and present, as they both closed a chapter on their 18-year teaching partnership at the kindergarten on Tuesday.

The event organisers ensured that the room was festive and colourful. The ceiling was filled with balloons and the tables were filled with delicious party finger food. It was made to be all about the children – just as Sharon and Deb would have wanted.

The formalities were kept succinct, a testament to Sharon and Deb’s gracious natures and professionalism, as all the while their gaze was fixed on retaining the full attention of the kindergarten’s current cohort of 18 bright-eyed youngsters.

These youngsters, like those before them, will come to realise that the fun activities Sharon and Deb created, held much more meaning.

Learning how to hold and use information in their minds for short periods of time, shift attention between competing tasks, self-control and to maintain attention despite distractions, are all essential executive function skills needed to cultivate talents, pursue dreams, and prepare for the future.

Sharon acknowledged the considerable support provided by the community during her 37-year tenure and Deb’s 18-year tenure.

They expressed their gratitude to those who have worked alongside them, taking up committee roles, giving their time to fundraise, ensuring that the services and facilities were always of a high standard.

The children arose in an orderly fashion, under the watchful eyes of the kindergarten’s new educators to present Sharon and Deb with thoughtful gifts, including a photobook containing highlights of their years of service at the kindergarten.

Sharon and Deb welcomed the positive influence the new educators, Trudi Van De Wetering and Bree McPhee, would bring to the community, however admitted it would be difficult to part company with “the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s”. They will miss them the most.

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Caption: Sharon McLean (left) and Deb Whykes closed a chapter in their 18-year teaching partnership on Tuesday, celebrating their retirement as educators at the Charlton Kindergarten with a great big kids’ party.