Better Get Ready 

Publish Date: 22 August 2019 

Buloke Shire Council has teamed up with Small Business Victoria and the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions to design a more streamlined and simplified permit approval approvals process for businesses.

Known as the “Better Approvals Project’ and in line with the recently adopted Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, the process is not only set to become simpler and quicker but will improve customers overall experience when applying for permits.

After dedicating many hours in recent weeks, the Better Approvals Project core team presented their final design ‘blueprint’ for the new business permit approvals process to management and related staff from within the organisation.

The new process was designed using the human-centred design approach, with feedback collated through targeted business consultation.

A number of key changes have been made, including the introduction of a ‘concierge’ model for customers when they apply for a permit. This means customers for the majority of their experience will deal with one single point of contact, and that single point of contact will liaise between the regulatory departments on behalf of the customer.

A more streamlined approach will also see a move to a mostly concurrent permit approvals process, meaning that customers will not necessarily have to wait for the entire process with one regulatory area to finish before the next permit approval process begins.

Council’s supporting products will undergo a makeover as well with the introduction of a single application form, no matter how many permits the customer is applying for. In addition, Council’s website will be improved with accessible and easy to read information, setting the expectation of the process for the customer including indicative timeframes.

“Better Approvals is another really exciting initiative flowing from Council’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy. The strategy has already had some great wins and Council is closing in on implementing this new process and look forward to launching it in November of this year”, said Mayor Cr Carolyn Stewart

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