September Meeting Wrap 

Publish Date: 16 September 2019

Buloke Shire Council at its September Ordinary Meeting approved its Financial and Performance Statements for 2018/19, endorsed a free month of green waste disposal and adopted its Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy.

Council has approved in principle the Financial and Performance Statements for the 2018/19 Financial Year. These statements will form part of Council’s Annual Report, which is currently in draft stage, which will be submitted to the Minister for Local Government by 30 September 2019.  

Council will apply for funding under the Victorian State Government Living Libraries Infrastructure Program 2019 for a building extension to the Wycheproof Resource Centre to provide a dedicated library space.

This dedicated, fit for purpose space has been a goal of Council since the inception of its own library service in July 2018 and is consistent with the Council Plan, Buloke Integrated Community Plan and the Wycheproof Community Plan.

Council has decided it will provide free access to its landfills and transfer stations for the month of October for the disposal green waste in preparation for the 2019-20 fire season.

All collected green waste will be mulched for use in Council’s parks and gardens.

Council has adopted its CCTV Policy. The policy will enable transparent and strategic decisions to be made for future installation and/or management of camera infrastructure within the Shire.

Council has been considering ways to make our public spaces and built assets safer. The opportunity to install cameras on strategic facilities such as the newly built Charlton Park facility and Donald Family Services Centre will enable more secure management of these important community assets.

The key objective of the policy is to establish a Code of Practice for the collection, access, storage and disposal of CCTV data.

Cr Graeme Milne will travel to Sydney to attend the TOMRA Cleanaway Container Deposit Scheme Network Study Tour on Friday 13 September 2019.

Cr Milne expressed an interest in attending this special study tour with the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) to gain an insight and a deeper understanding of the options to consider, regarding one aspect of Victoria’s waste and recycling system.

The VWMA, in partnership with TOMRA Collection Solutions Australia, has organised this tour to be held in New South Wales (NSW), being Sydney and a regional centre, to see, experience and discuss the Container Deposit Scheme or Return and Earn Model, which has been adopted in NSW.

Minutes and documents relating to the September Ordinary Meeting will be made available on Council’s website. The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday 8 October 2019.

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