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Sea Lake Streetscape Project

Sea Lake Streetscape Project

The Five Towns Masterplans, accompanied with funding from Buloke Shire Council and the State Government (Regional Development Victoria) has accumulated to form the “Buloke Shire Streetscape Renewal Project.”

The Five towns covered by the initial funding are:

  • Birchip
  • Charlton
  • Donald
  • Sea Lake
  • Wycheproof

Each town has a specific set of infrastructure deliverables which have been fleshed out by Buloke Shire Council and informed by individual township stakeholders.

Designs have been completed. View the Sea Lake Streetscape Project Plans

Council is ready to seek prices from Contractors to complete the following works in Sea Lake, to be completed over the coming summer and autumn seasons:

1. Footpath upgrades on Best Street and the Calder Highway:

a.       New brick and concrete paved footpaths and new paved entrance to the Apex Park (North).

b.       New brick and concrete paved footpaths from the Apex Park (South) to Best Street.

c.       Upgrade of some stormwater drainage.

d.       Allowance for an Installation of pedestrian crossing on the Calder Highway from the new Sea Lake Visitors Centre (works to be carried by the Department of Transport at a later date).

e.       Upgrade and placement of new seating.

2. Apex Park renewal treatments:

f.        New trees, shrubs, groundcovers and turf.

g.       Installation of new electric BBQ adjacent to existing covered picnic tables.

h.       Upgraded irrigation.

i.         Up-lighting of existing large trees.

j.         Bollard and feature lighting in the park.

k.       New turf in area of existing paving around fountain area.

l.         Gazebo painting and refreshing.

m.     Removal of existing Yuccas.

n.       New garden areas with trees in front of existing angled parking on Howard Lane.

o.       Upgrade concrete area to new Australia Day Honours Bricks.

p.       Picnic tables to be retained.

3. Best Street greening, and greening/landscaping of area in front of the old Shire Office:

q.       Removal of traffic islands in middle of road and replacement with painted traffic islands on Best Street to improve the look of the centre of the street.

r.        Up-lighting of existing large trees.

s.       Removal of some trees and replacement with new garden beds with trees and shrubs at various locations along Best Street.

t.        Installation of Prunus Cerasifera Nigra (flowering plum) trees on both sides of the Calder Highway from Wilkinson Street to Hannon Street.

u.      Relocation and installation of new garden boxes, planted with vines on post and wire along Best Street to improve the look and feel of the street and provide a cooler environment during the hotter months.

v.       New turf in front of the Old Shire Office.

w.     Irrigation supply to all new plantings.

It is also planned that the grass under trees at the War Memorial Site will not be upgraded and the no new concrete will be laid to the gazebo at Apex Park South (Pub Park), this area will be grassed and irrigation installed.

The selected features in this plan have been arrived at through a consultation and plan development process, initially with a masterplan process in 2018, and followed up by refining the masterplan points and landing on selected plan through working with the Sea Lake Project Control Group. 

Apex Park VisualisationPub Park Visualisation


Project Update 25 November

Sea Lake Streetscape works are expected to commence early in 2022 with the tenders for the Project closing on Wednesday 24 November 2021.

A survey for the new tagline for the entrance signs to Sea Lake is currently underway and will close on 10 December 2021.

You can fill in the survey here.