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Support for Storm Affected Towns Across Buloke

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Green Waste Collection Support for Storm Affected Towns Across Buloke

Publish date: 16 February 2024

Council’s dedicated Roads Staff have been working tirelessly to ensure the safety and accessibility of our community's roads following this week’s storm. 

Residential streets in Charlton and Wycheproof in particular have been cleared of obstructive trees, with the debris disposed of at Charlton and Wycheproof Transfer Stations.

Asset Inspectors have conducted primary inspections on all sealed road networks, while Roads Staff have focused on cleaning sealed sections, like Birchip Berriwillock Road, Warne Road, and Watchupga Culgoa Road, to restore safe passage for traffic.

Secondary inspections by Asset Inspectors have commenced on our gravel road network, with Roads Staff actively clearing significant blockages on roads such as Narrewillock Quambatook road, Jeruk River North Road and Jeruk River Road.

Other teams have been deployed across various areas including Berriwillock, Birchip, Charlton, Culgoa, Nullawil, and Wycheproof to address road safety concerns and ensure smooth traffic flow.

A special acknowledgment to the farmers and other community members who have generously assisted in clearing trees from rural roads. Your invaluable support has expedited the process significantly, demonstrating the power of community collaboration in overcoming challenges. Without your assistance, this effort would have been considerably more troublesome. Thank you for your dedication to our community's well-being. 

A reminder that all Council’s landfills and transfer stations are now accepting green waste free of charge to assist in the clean-up.