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Charlton Levee Bank Community Consultation

Charlton Levee Bank Community Consultation

After the 2011 and 2016 flood events in Charlton during which a significant number of properties were affected, a levee bank is being considered as one option to protect the township from inundation in any future flood events.

Detailed designs and community consultation took place during 2016 and 2017 and Council has completed full construction plans for the project, through consultancy firm Cardno. However, there remains some outstanding work required to determine the cost of construction and also better understand the community desire for a flood levee bank.

An information package will be sent to all residences within the Charlton postcode.

Drop in Information Session

A drop in information session was held at the Charlton Hall on 29 October 2019. At this session a representative of Cardno who have been engaged to undertake the ‘Next Steps’ study was available to answer questions on the levee.

Consultation Survey

You can also get involved by completing the Charlton Community Survey which will be distributed to understand the community desire for a levee bank to protect Charlton from future flood events. 

The Charlton Flood Levee Community Survey has been circulated to all residents of Charlton. The survey will be running until the end of November and will allow the residents of Charlton to provide valuable feedback which will be used to determine the desire for a levee bank to protect the town from flooding.

If you have not received a survey in your letterbox, there are copies available at Charlton Neighbourhood House.

Whilst submissions are due to close at the end of November, there will be some flexibility for those who had difficulty accessing the survey for any reason.

Flyover Video

The video linked below is a detailed flyover video which covers the entire length of the proposed levee.

Charlton Levee Flyover Video. 

Flood Maps

Township Levee Map (schematic design)

Change of Water Surface Elevation Map (where water would go if levee was implemented)