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Coping Strategies Through Storytelling

Coping Strategies Through Storytelling
Publish date: 27 February 2024

Efforts to improve natural disaster preparedness education among young learners has been given a significant boost these past weeks, as Buloke Shire Council’s Community Recovery team commenced the distribution of specialised educational books to local libraries and reading to Supported Playgroup participants across the shire.

This initiative, integral to enhancing community resilience and recovery, emphasises the importance of equipping the youngest members of our community with knowledge and coping strategies when we experience events such as hot days, floods, storms and fires.
The "Birdie’s Book" series is acclaimed for its focus on early childhood education, providing young children with age-appropriate understanding and coping mechanisms.
Alongside this, additional copies of the "Buloke Busy Bee: Colour and Connect" book, which were distributed to primary schools across Buloke mid-December, have been made available at neighbourhood houses and libraries, providing an engaging and informative approach to connecting communities in community recovery after natural disasters are experienced.
“Educating our children about natural disasters is crucial in our ever-changing environment. These books are an excellent resource for initiating conversations and understanding about such events in a child-friendly manner,” said Mayor Cr Alan Getley.
“The initiative aims to arm educators and caregivers with tools to help children understand and cope with various natural disasters, fostering resilience and awareness from an early age.”

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