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Taking Stock of Library Service

Taking Stock of Library Service

Publish Date: 13 December 2019

Buloke Shire Council is collecting some detailed feedback on the Buloke Library Service. With a full twelve months now in operation, it is a great time to take stock and understand what works, what doesn’t and how we can lift the Library to the next level.

We know benefits of libraries go beyond books in many cases, and we want to capture what that means in Buloke. We would also love to hear from those who aren’t currently using the service, all voices are highly valued in this feedback so we can best shape planning of the service.

This feedback will form a core part of a review of the service so we can continue to improve and ensure that our service delivery model is meeting the needs of library members. Since its inception last year, the service has had steady growth in user numbers and borrowings.

Buloke Library in Culgoa

“Council is committed to consulting with the community to ensure that we are continuing to improve the library service.” Mayor Cr Carolyn Stewart said.

“Being a new service, and now that it has had time to settle, we are really excited about formalising feedback from our residents so we can shape that into future planning and help it realise the potential libraries hold for not only books, conversations and literacy, but also social connection, community development and engagement.”

To collect this feedback, residents should receive a survey in their letter box over the holiday period and we would highly value the time taken in filling it out. We have matched this survey with the original one taken prior to Buloke setting up its own Library Service so we can measure the impact and change so far. You can fill this out and return it in a reply paid envelope.

Alternatively, the survey can be taken online at:

You can also collect hard copies of the survey when you next attend a library service or from Council’s office at 367 Broadway, Wycheproof. Completed hard copies can be returned to any library service, returned to Council’s Wycheproof office or mailed to Buloke Shire Council, PO Box 1 Wycheproof 3527.

Your answers are completely anonymous and cannot be linked to you in any way. The closing date for the survey is 10 January 2020.

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For further information contact Manager Customer Engagement, Travis Fitzgibbon on 03 5478 0181 or