Defining Budget Adopted 

Publish Date: 20 June 2019

Budget crop 2019

Buloke Shire Council adopted its Annual Budget 2019/20 at a Special Meeting of Council held on 19 June 2019.

The budget, which reflects Council’s commitment to long term financial sustainability, includes the repayment of the $7 million loan taken out in 2014.

Other highlights include an $11.7 million allocation for infrastructure and asset renewal and upgrades and an additional $5 million for the commencement of the December 2018 Flood Restoration Works.

There is also provision for the implementation of a range of initiatives and programs from within the Buloke Integrated Community Plan, Buloke Inclusiveness Plan, Volunteer Action Plan and Council’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy.

The draft Budget includes a general rating increase of 2.5%, and a further shift in the farming rate differential which is reduced from 88% to 82%.

Council considered submissions to the budget at an Ordinary Meeting held on 12 June 2019. A submission was made during the consultation phase to install a new deck for the Donald Children’s Centre. The condition of the current deck is poor and the installation of a new weatherproof deck has been included in the final budget at a cost of $70,000. This additional $70,000 in the capital expenditure will be covered by an additional Grants Commission Allocation.

“Council is pleased to adopt its budget for the next financial year. There will be a sense of enormous achievement during this period when Council repays the $7 million loan.

“The past few years at Buloke have been about setting the platform for a sustainable future for our community. This budget is an important step in the right direction and subsequent budgets will see more funds poured into asset renewal.

“Key pieces of work delivered in the last 12 months, including the Buloke 2030 Integrated Community Plan, Long Term Financial Plan and the Revenue and Rating Strategy, have seen Council work in closely with the community to set a clear way forward”, said Mayor Cr Carolyn Stewart.

View the Annual Budget 2019/20.

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