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Win Free Green Waste For A Year

Win Free Green Waste for a Year

Publish date: 16 November 2023

The much-anticipated 'Buloke's Best Lawn' and 'Yard Transformation' competitions have returned, spotlighting the passion and care that Buloke's residents invest in their residential green spaces.

Show off your immaculately kept lawns or stunning yard makeovers and you could win a year’s supply of free green waste disposal along with a coveted trophy, all made possible by the support of the Australian and Victorian governments and the Community Recovery Program.

The competitions kick off as the Fire Danger Period has begun in Buloke, alongside the Council’s proactive Mosquito Control Program.

The involvement of our residents is crucial to this cause. By ensuring yards don’t harbour stagnant water, we help prevent mosquito proliferation, and address common garden pests such as mice, snakes, spiders, and others.

This year's events carry particular significance as we remember the impact of Japanese Encephalitis on our community.

Through these competitions, we honour our community’s commitment to ensuring safe and inviting outdoor areas.

If you have concerns about stagnant water from last year’s floods, please notify Council’s Environmental Health Team by calling 1300 520 520, or learn more at

Let’s make maintaining our yards a shared passion and contribute to a more pleasant and safe living environment by taking part, funded thanks to the Australian and Victorian Community Recovery Program.

Grab your gardening gloves and take part in a competition that values your efforts in beautification and community well-being. Prizes will be proudly awarded at the 2024 Australia Day Celebrations.

Each household may enter once, choosing either or both categories:

• Best Residential Lawn
• Best Yard Transformation

Inclusivity is at the heart of the competition, welcoming entries from residents in Buloke whether they are maintained by homeowners or by professionals.

For full terms and participation details click on the link or request an application via post before December 4.

The competition closes on 15 December, 2023.

Have questions or need assistance? Our Customer Service team is just a call away at 1300 520 520.

Get set to Ready, Set, Mow and let your garden grow into a community showcase.