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Priority Roadworks On Track In Buloke

Priority Roadworks On Track In Buloke

Publish date: 12 December 2022

With many roads across the state and in Buloke impacted by flooding and road damage, motorists are advised to anticipate roadworks, and to drive with caution with an expectation that road surfaces may be damaged.
Engineers completed a formal assessment of 550km of closed Buloke Shire roads (local roads) on December 2, which had earlier been identified as urgent for re-opening at community information sessions conducted at Birchip, Charlton, Donald, Sea Lake and Wycheproof in mid-November.
A further 62 local roads, not listed as closed, and later reported as damaged, have since been added to the list bringing the total to 185 local roads for assessment. Approximately, 19 of these local roads have now been assessed for roadworks to be undertaken.
“Whilst the list of roads for repair continues to grow, it is pleasing that Council and contractors are making a dent in the schedule,” said Mayor Alan Getley.
“This is largely due to the cooperation between the community and Council to identify the priorities and continued engagement with the community, talking directly, particularly with farmers and intensive industries who are at the height of their production activity at the moment.”
At close of business, last Friday, 79 local roads still had not been assessed, or required reassessment. This includes 19 roads on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator permit route, which cannot be assessed due to limited access.
Council and contractors have completed emergency roadworks and reopened 13 roads.
“From Tuesday, our external contracting team will increase from two to five crews and this is going to make a significant difference to the rate we can reopen roads up until Christmas,” said the Mayor.
He explained that Council is required to fully utilise external contractors to seek government disaster recovery funding and recoup costs.
“As a rural shire it is difficult to attract external engineers and works contractors from other areas, particularly after floods where there is a significant draw on this expertise,” he said.
“Right across the state there is a shortfall of gravel cartage contractors, and this is also impacting delivery of gravel supplies.”
Emergency repairs have been undertaken to maintain 23 roads as part of the school bus network, since they were reopened.
Approximately, 44 roads identified for emergency services access and harvest traffic are also slated for reopening once roadworks are completed.
“We truly appreciate the support and patience of our community as Council staff manage this workload and continue business as usual,” the Mayor added.
Road users are also advised to carefully plan any travel as the list of damaged and deteriorating roads grows, and to make allowances for additional travel time.