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Annual Budget Headlines Key Adoptions at Additional June Council Meeting

Annual Budget Headlines Key Adoptions at Additional June Council Meeting

Publish Date: 4 July 2022

Buloke Shire Council has adopted its Annual Budget 2022-23 at an additional Council Meeting held on 29 June. In a busy meeting, the Financial Plan, Asset Plan were adopted and the Draft Customer Experience Strategy was endorsed to be released for community input.

Boasting significant spending on roads, infrastructure and attracting tourism, the Buloke Shire Council Annual Budget 2022-23 will see over $6M invested into the Shire’s road network, continuing the 2-year trend and responding to our community’s requests that ‘roads are life’ to the Buloke community.

With a rate rise of 1.75% in line with the ‘Fair Go Rates System’, the budget includes an investment of more than $18.5M for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of Council assets, which includes the road network, parks, streetscapes, lakes and waste management.

Ensuring improved monitoring of Council’s viability and enabling better reporting and analysis of decisions and assumptions over a 10-year period, Council’s Financial Plan has been adopted.

The Plan, a key plank in the overall planning process, provides a longer-term perspective of the ongoing financial sustainability of the Council and the impact of financial decisions.After significant community engagement, Council has adopted its Asset Plan, which outlines key information to guide asset planning and management over a period of at least 10 years.

The Plan demonstrates Council’s commitment to ensure its assets deliver appropriate service levels, which balance financial sustainability with community expectations and demand.

Council’s Draft Customer Experience Strategy has been adopted for the purposes of community engagement. 

Picking up on the strong work of the Customer Service Strategy adopted back in 2018, the Strategy sets out clear guidelines the organisation will commit to for both internal and external continuous improvement for the range of services Council provides.

Minutes and documents relating to the additional Council Meeting, including the Annual Budget, will be made available on Council’s website and at its Customer Service Centre.

The next scheduled Council Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 13 July 2022.