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Practical Tips for Being Prepared

Practical Tips For Being Prepared

Publish date: 22 March 2024

 At recent Birchip and Wycheproof Probus Club meetings, an intriguing question from the Buloke Shire Council's Community Recovery Team kicked off an essential conversation: "If you had to leave your home in a hurry, what would you take?"
This question opened up a broader discussion on emergency preparedness, emphasising the need to know what to pack and where to find reliable information.
Highlighting the importance of multiple trusted sources, the team recommended the VicEmergency app, local TV, Sky News, and ABC Wimmera 584AM on a battery-powered or crank radio for times when modern tech might fail.
They introduced handy tools for emergency planning, like the Red Cross RediPlan and FloodEye for real-time flood risk insights, underscoring the community's role in shaping emergency response through the Buloke’s Municipal Emergency Management Plan.
The conversation expanded to explain Council's proactive measures in road repairs and lobbying for government assistance and the necessity of revising the At Risk Persons Register.
Actions taken following the October 22 Flood event, included giving priority to grain harvest traffic, carrying out $4.5 million in emergency asset repairs, completing $222K worth of Immediate Reconstruction on essential public assets, and preparing a funding proposal for $20 million in rehabilitation projects, which is still currently pending government approval.
The meeting concluded with a look at initiatives to boost community spirit and resilience, such as Buloke’s Best Lawn, Free Greenwaste promotions, and engaging children's programs, including the Birdy Book series for youth.
The Probus members left the meeting with not just a deeper understanding of emergency preparedness, but also a renewed sense of the importance of staying informed, prepared, and connected.