August Meeting Wrap

Publish Date: 16 August 2022

At the Buloke Shire Council’s August Meeting a number of significant strategic documents shaped by the voice of the community were adopted, detailing the vision for Buloke’s long-term aspirations and how these will be achieved. These include the Council Plan 2021-2025 - Year 2 Annual Plan, Customer Experience Strategy 2022-2025, and improvements to the Community Grants Guidelines to support local initiatives.

The Council Plan 2021-2025 – Year 2 addresses further initiatives aligned to Buloke’s four strategic objectives: Our Built and Natural Environment, Our Community Wellbeing, Our Economy and Our Council and Community Leadership.

Key actions include: the development and adoption of a Reconciliation Action Plan, review and update of Community Plans, delivery of the Safer Together Program and an Agriculture Resilience Program.

Community participation will also be integral in driving the design of Buloke Drainage Plans, development of the Road Management Plan and implementation of the Interim Economic Development and Tourism Strategy.Continued participation in the Rural Councils Transformation Program will also assist the development of a common language fundamental to increasing Council’s capacity for digital communication and security improvements.

Providing greater agility, flexibility and connection are key to digital drivers to delivering positive customer experiences. Being responsive and timely was one of the key priorities identified in the Customer Experience Strategy 2022-2025. This strategy will influence priorities and guide the business transformation in step with community expectations and reviewing how the community wants to be able to interact with Council. It will also evaluate how customer needs are being met through internal and external continuous improvement for the range of services it provides.

Council has reviewed and amended key documentation relevant to the Community Grants Program in line with recommendations from a Victorian Auditor General’s Office report, detailing Fraud Control. The Buloke Shire Council allocates $20,000 in community grants and sponsorship and $50,000 in sustainability grants annually. The updated Community Grants Guidelines will ensure that there is clarity, transparency and inclusion with allocations of Community Grant funding.

Other highlights were the adoption of Governance Rules 2022 and a final progress report on the Council Plan 2021-2025 - Year 1 Annual Plan identifying that the majority of actions have been completed, were nearing completion or well underway, in spite of delays in delivery of capital works projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Year 1 Annual Plan activities included:

  • Adoption of the Adopt Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy
  • Awarding of a long-term kerbside collection contract
  • Publication of Council’s Gender Equality Action Plan
  • Delivery of the Small Towns Big Difference Grants Program
  • Successful funding application for cabin accommodation at local caravan parks
  • Staging of the Mali Heart Street Art Festival
  • Adoption of Interim Economic Development and Tourism Strategy
  • Full funding for NBN upgrades for Sea Lake
  • Finalisation of the Business Transformation Strategy
  • Adoption of the Workforce Plan; and
  • Adoption of the Advocacy Strategy.

All documents as well as the minutes relating to the August Council Meeting can be found on Council’s website. The next Buloke Shire Council Meeting will be held Wednesday 15 September 2022 commencing at 7:30pm.

For further information contact Manager Customer Engagement, 1300 520 520 or