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Birchip Flood Restoration Program Update

Birchip Flood Restoration Program Update 

Publish Date: 27 June 2019

Council’s progression with the Birchip Flood Restoration Program continues in the wake of the flood event in December last year.

Council has completed all field inspections and identified around 500 defects that need varying degrees of restoration. Apart from areas in and around Birchip, some of these issues are as far away as Charlton and districts. 

The flood damage is estimated at around $10.8 million and Council continues to work closely with the Department of Treasury and Finance (Federal Government) and Regional Roads Victoria (State Government) in the scoping and administration of these works.

“There is a significant amount of work required across Buloke as a result of the December flood event. In addition to maintenance grading, patching and resheeting of gravel roads and rehabilitating sealed roads there are over 200 drainage projects and an array of other issues to be addressed”, said Mayor Cr Carolyn Stewart.

Council expects to go to the tender process for the delivery of the Flood Restoration Program in October of this year once the scope of the works is agreed to by Regional Roads Victoria. 

Meanwhile, the Birchip Feature and Levels Survey undertaken by Water Technology on behalf of the Mallee Catchment Management Authority is now in draft form. The Feature and Levels Survey will inform any undertaking of a Birchip Flood Study.

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