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A Thank You To Buloke - Mayor

A Thank You To Buloke

Publish Date: 9/11/2022

Buloke Shire has had its fair share of adversity, from flood to drought and back again. All the while, in the face of this adversity, a spirit endures.

The latest test of our mettle has again underlined what is in essence what makes our patch Buloke. It’s you, our people.

Whilst Buloke Shire Council is not the lead agency in any emergency, we have a key role to play in response, relief and recovery. Our role can be complex, and despite the best of planning, our response can be in need of sound community input to ensure the best result.

Councillors and staff, including our Emergency Management Team, would like to extend a warm thank you to our Buloke community for your support and at times guidance through the last few weeks as we, like much of the state of Victoria, deal with the significant flooding event.

Whilst we recognise that the event is not over and the La Nina is still at play, the level of trust and engagement of our community has so far significantly reduced the impact of the water making its way though our river and creek systems.

Thank you to community members that have attended and contributed to the five community meetings across the Shire over this period, to inform themselves and our response.

Buloke Shire Council will continue to work for and alongside our community at all times.

Thank you.