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Buloke Flood Response Attracts Second Award

Buloke Flood Response Attracts Second Award

Publish Date: 24 October 2023

Buloke Shire Council has claimed a second award in its recovery from the October 2022 Flood Event that swept Victoria.

Council’s vodcast series The Paddock: The Goals was recently honoured as the winner in the Local Government Category for the Victorian Resilient Australia Awards.

The Paddock: The Goals vodcast series offered informational podcasts during winter sports weekend activities, so Council could engage with attendees without disrupting their usual weekend commitments, reducing the need to coordinate separate dates and venues, saving our community’s time and resources whilst adding value to established events.

This time, centred around the North Central Football League, Council’s ‘take it to where they already are’ approach is achieving genuine cut through.

Resilient Australia Awards - Burloke Shire Council - The Paddock receiving award with Chris Stephenson

Mayor, Cr Alan Getley was understandably thrilled with the news.

“This award is terrific acknowledgement of our hard-working team whose approach of leveraging established events to support our community has been a real winner. It also underlines the tremendous community response that has been critical to our recovery”, he said.

“Thank you to the many generous people who gave their time and knowledge to be a part of the story and thank you to Council’s Community Recovery team for the production and delivery of this important initiative”.

The Paddock: The Goals is now a finalist for the National Resilient Australia Awards, announced in November.

This award comes on the back of the win of The Paddock Run which claimed the Disaster Preparedness Award in the 2023 National Awards for Local Government announced in June in Canberra.

The Paddock Run, a community driven initiative, involved Council staff visiting grain delivery sites in Buloke during harvest season, delivering 1000 packets of Kooka’s Country Cookies, to our hardworking harvest workforce. They also distributed over 8000 postcards providing information about flood response and recovery support to the community.

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