Spring Into Managing Waste 

Publish Date: 24 September 2020

Council is encouraging residents to jump-start their post-winter clean-ups and beat the heat by having an early spring makeover and tidy.

To ensure properties and surrounds are in peak condition before summer’s blast, let’s all make waste management and fire safety top of the Spring “to-do” lists.


During the month of October, residents will again be able to dispose of green waste free-of-charge at all landfill and transfer stations. Before fire restrictions are enforced this is the perfect opportunity to have Buloke’s fire-preparedness set in place for the coming summer months.

With outside maintenance taken care of, residents are reminded of their bin entitlements when gathering accumulated waste for kerbside collection. The typical household entitlement is 1 x 120 litre garbage bin and 1 x 240 litre recycle bin, however recent audits have identified some premises have exceeded the quota.

In order to properly appropriate costs and to minimise uptake of space in landfill, residents infringing their limit will initially receive a letter from the Council, followed by the bins being stickered. Households will then have the option of purchasing additional services or have the bins removed from the premises.

Remember, to avoid missing your waste collection, it’s recommended that bins be placed kerbside the night before collection day, so the contractor can access them regardless of the pick up time.

Keeping up good recycling habits is also being encouraged with a reminder that products such as soft plastics, clothes, shoes, polystyrene, food and recycling in a plastic bag should not go in this bin. More information on each of these can be found at

To address rising waste costs, Council has recently introduced an $8 charge for the disposal of one cubic metre of recycling (6 x 4 trailer load) at transfer stations and landfill sites. This cost covers the deposit of both recyclables and green waste material (exempt in October).

All Buloke sites now also have the facilities to accept E-waste (broken, obsolete or surplus electronic equipment) along with fluorescent globes, which are transferred to a recycling company in Melbourne.

As we emerge from a winter of COVID-19 restrictions and spending more time at home, now is the time to refresh and make a clean start so we can enjoy the coming months ahead.

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