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VICSES Community Information Session – Culgoa and Wycheproof


VICSES Community Information Session Community – Wycheproof and Culgoa

Publish date: 17 October 2022

(Wycheproof Community Meeting to be delivered by Leading Senior Constable, Darren Sheahan).

A moderate flood warning has been issued for Wycheproof and surrounding areas.

The Tyrell and Lalbert Creeks should be planning for between a 2% AEP flood (1 in 50 year) and 1% AEP flood (1 in 100). For local reference, flooding on these two creek systems in this flood event is likely to be higher than the September flood event but lower than the January 2011 flood event.

Flows from the Tyrell and Lalbert Creeks will cause rural road closures and isolation in the vicinity of Wycheproof, Dumosa, Nullawil, Culgoa, Towaninny, Tittybong, Lalbert and beyond.

Low lying areas where water will pool should be avoided.

Communities should be prepared to be isolated for a number of days.

 Flood extents and timings are difficult to predict in these creek systems and communities should prepare for flooding.

Act now - take actions immediately to protect your life and property, and move to higher ground.

If you do not wish to be isolated, it is recommended you relocate as soon as possible.

If you wish to stay you need to be self sufficient for the period of isolation.

Leaving now is the safest option, before conditions become too dangerous, now is the time to consider making arrangements with family and friends or alternative options outside of the forecast impacted area.

If you can’t avoid low lying areas, leaving now is the safest option, before conditions become dangerous.

Now is the time to consider making arrangements with family and friends or alternative options outside of forecast impacted areas.

Council has opened an Emergency Relief Centre at the Wycheproof P-12 school on Menzies Cres.

Pets are also very welcome at the Emergency Relief Centre.

There are comfortable beds, blankets and sleeping bags as well as meals throughout the day.

Red Cross is also onsite to support community and DFFH have provided information on how to access Personal Hardship Grants.

If you decide to come to the Emergency Relief Centre we encourage you to pack the following items:
- Identification
- Medication
- Pets on leads/cages/boxes and pet food
- Childrens items
- Clothes for 3-5 days
- Mobile phones and charges
- Baby items
- Move stock to high grounds
- Large animals can be accommodated at the Wycheproof Saleyards, Camp St,

If you decide to leave your property, please
- Turn off gas and electricity
- Follow road closure detours
- Do not drive through flood waters

- Floodwater is toxic - never play or swim in floodwater
- Floodwater is dangerous - never enter floodwater
- Decide if you will evacuate if it becomes necessary
- Monitor weather forecasts and river levels. Go to
- When traveling do not enter flooded areas. Turn around and find a safe alternative route
- Be aware of road hazards including mud, debris and damaged roads or bridges
- Floodwater is dangerous - never drive, walk or ride through floodwater
Please download the Vic Emergency App which will provide you with current emergency information.

If you need a hand Council has staff here that will help you.