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Safer Together In Buloke Shire Council


Safer Together In Buloke Shire Council

Publish date: 1 February 2024

Buloke Shire Council’s Vulnerable Person’s Register Review 

Council is undertaking a ‘Safer Together in Buloke’ project, to better understand and establish the needs’ of vulnerable community members during periods of Emergency. Community consultation is essential to inform the review and establishment of Council’s future Vulnerable Person’s Register processes for improved disaster preparedness and effective engagement with isolated or at-risk residents. 

The project aims to better understand how Council and Emergency Services alike can ensure that the communication processes and approach to supporting a variety of people with vulnerabilities in our Buloke communities specifically, may be improved for future emergency scenarios. 

Council is looking to engage with and support residents at risk of harm due to limitations including (but not limited to) being:

  • Frail, physically or cognitively limited or isolated within the community. 
  • Unable to comprehend warnings and directions and/or respond in an Emergency. 

Council will host a series of Community listening posts over the coming weeks to seek feedback regarding this important project. Whether it be for yourself as a person at risk of not understanding or receiving important information or disaster warnings, or someone you care about - we want to hear from you. 

Community members can meet with members of Council’s Community Wellbeing team at the following locations:

  • Tuesday 6th February: in Charlton from 10am – 12pm outside the IGA supermarket
  • Tuesday 6th February: in Donald from 1pm – 3pm outside the IGA supermarket
  • Wednesday 7th February: in Sea Lake from 10am – 12pm outside the supermarket
  • Wednesday 7th February: in Wycheproof from 1pm – 3pm in the Rotunda outside the Post Office
  • Wednesday 14th February: in Birchip from 1pm – 3pm outside the supermarket

Further listening posts and visits to the mobile library dates/times will be available and advertised in the coming weeks as the project progresses. 

If you wish to know more about the Safer Together in Buloke project, please contact Council’s Community Wellbeing team on 1300 520 520.      

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For further information contact Manager Customer Engagement, 1300 520 520 or