By-Election Timeline

Ballot packs mailed this week for Buloke Shire Council by-election.

Voters in the Nandaly, Sea Lake, Berriwillock, Culgoa and Nullawil communities should check the mail for their ballot packs for the Buloke Shire Council, Mallee Ward by-election.

Election Manager John Lyons is encouraging people to vote as early as possible.

‘With the whole election being conducted by post, it’s incredibly important voters complete and return their ballot material as soon as possible to make sure their vote counts,’ Mr Lyons said.

Ballot material must be in the mail or hand-delivered to the election office by 6 pm Friday 14 October. Voters are advised to check their local mail clearance times.

Voters who haven’t received their ballot pack by Wednesday 5 October should call the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) on 131 832 and ask for a replacement, or call the election office when it re-opens from Monday 10 October on 1300 202 885.    

Candidates who have nominated for the by-election are listed in the ballot packs and can also be viewed at Where provided by candidates, a photo and statement will be included. Voters can also view answers to the candidate questionnaire online.

Voting is compulsory for voters who were on the State roll for this election at 4 pm Friday 19 August —State-enrolled voters who don’t vote may be fined. Council-enrolled voters are encouraged to vote but will not be fined if they don’t vote.

Voters who were correctly enrolled for the Buloke Shire Mallee Ward as at 4pm on Friday 19 August will receive a ballot pack, which must be completed and returned by mail as soon as possible using the reply-paid envelope provided.

Voters can vote by mail or can also hand-deliver their completed ballot papers to the election office located at 370 Broadway, Wycheproof on weekdays from Monday 10 October to Friday 14 October 2022.

Office hours are from 9am to 5pm, with extended hours on Thursday 13 October (9am to 8pm) and Friday 14 October (9am to 6pm).

Voting closes at 6 pm on Friday 14 October, with results available from Monday 24 October 2022.

Election Manager John Lyons advised voters to vote well ahead of the closing time.

For further information visit: or call 131 832.



Mallee Ward takes in the localities of Nandaly, Sea Lake, Berriwillock, Culgoa, Nullawil and surrounds.Voting in the Buloke Shire Council, Mallee Ward by-election is conducted entirely by post—there are no voting centres.

Ballot packs will be posted to all enrolled voters between Tuesday 27 September and Thursday 29 September.

Packs are delivered in random order, so voters in the same household may not receive their packs on the same day.

Completed ballot material must be in the mail or hand-delivered to the election office by 6 pm Friday 14 October.

Full preferential voting is used for the by-election: voters will need to put the number ‘1’ in the box next to their most preferred candidate, and then number all the other boxes in order of their preference.

Every box must be numbered and each number can only be used once.CandidatesA list of candidates and their contact details, where provided, is available online at

Where provided by candidates, a photo, statement and answers to the questionnaire are also available.

The elected candidate will represent their community on Council until the next general election in 2024.



Results can only be finalised once all ballots admissible to the count have been received.

To ensure votes signed by the close of voting are included in the count, the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2020 provides an extended period for postal votes to be received through Australia Post by 12 noon on Friday 21 October. 

Votes received during this extended period will be admitted to the count if they were completed by the voter before the close of voting.Candidates can appoint scrutineers to observe the counting process.

It is anticipated that the declaration for the successful candidate will be finalised no later than Monday 24 October.

Once declared elected, the Chief Executive Officer of Buloke Shire Council will arrange to swear in the incoming councillor in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020.

The councillor will represent their community until the next general election in 2024.