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Brightening Broadway Project

Brightening Broadway: Wycheproof Streetscape Project

Project Update 25 November 2021

The Brightening Broadway Wycheproof Streetscape Project is well underway. 

The Project Control Group met in November 2021 to get an update on the progress of the project:

  1. Footpaths work progressing well, COVID restrictions limited access to the site for contractors coming out of lockdown areas, which caused some delays.
  2. Footpath work is proving complex with abandoned services under the old footpath and spending time readjusting the existing red bricks in the drain.  The results are looking fantastic and will greatly add to the beauty of the town.
  3. Work will continue on footpaths before more works commence in the park next to the Shire Offices

A group of people sitting outside around a table. 2 men are wearing hivis vests, and there are 2 women and two men around the table.

Click on the below links for more information on the project. 

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