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Buloke Makes Key Appointment

Buloke Makes Key Appointment 

Publish Date: 20 August 2021

Travis Fitzgibbon has been appointed as Buloke Shire Council’s new Director Community Development.

Travis is an experienced and passionate member of Council’s Senior Leadership Team with a track record of delivering successful outcomes with Buloke communities at the centre.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Travis to this incredibly important role. He has a deep understanding and passion for the Buloke Shire communities and brings a wealth of knowledge and well-refined skills around community engagement, customer service and capacity building and he is an excellent communicator,” Council’s CEO Anthony Judd said.

A deep understanding of the Buloke communities, a future-focussed outlook and genuine care for getting the best for Buloke, Travis has a dynamic leadership approach which is the true essence of “Building a Better Buloke”. Congratulations Travis.

Travis comes into this role having joined the Council in August 2015. Travis has previously acted for a short period in the Director Community Development role, was actively involved in developing the new Council Plan and Long-Term Community Vision.

He has most recently served as Council’s Manager Customer Engagement, where he was responsible for Council’s Customer Service, Media and Communications and Community Engagement services, along with leading the highly successful Working for Victoria program. Travis developed key Council documents under this role including the Customer Service Charter, Community Engagement Policies and the Annual Reports and has been the key driver behind Buloke’s presence continually being seen as one of the leaders in the sector. Travis has lived and breathed the stories of Buloke for the past six years, experience he will bring through to the Community Development role as advocacy continues towards Buloke’s long-term vision.

Travis Fitzgibbon

“I couldn’t be more honoured to be appointed to the role of Director Community Development. I’m excited by the opportunities. Buloke is an amazing community made up of towns with strong identities and big plans and I can’t wait to continue the great work our Community Development department has undertaken,” Travis Fitzgibbon said.

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