Buloke's Vision and Plan

Publish Date: 17 June 2021

Buloke Shire Council has adopted its Long-Term Community Vision and Council Plan 2021-2025 at an Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 16 June 2021.

The Long-Term Community Vision and Council Plan 2021-2025 presents a range of strategies to guide Council over the next four years under the Council Plan as well as applying a ten-year lens to inform the Community Vision.

A triumph of community engagement, the document is built around four strategic objectives:

  • Our Built and Natural Environment
  • Our Community Wellbeing
  • Our Economy
  • Our Council and Community Leadership

The Council Plan component sets out the direction of Council for the next four years with the strategic objectives supported by measurable indicators.

The Community Vision, which has an outlook of ten years, describes the community’s aspirations for the future of Buloke, taking into account all social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects.

Whilst establishing those high-order aspirations for the community, the vision also sets out ambitious goals for Council and the community to work together towards in collaboration.

A strong engagement campaign was enacted with a range of ways offered by Council for the community to inform the plan. Highlighted by a Community Forum Summit, the opportunities also included listening posts, surveys, meetings with key stakeholder groups and the ability to make formal submissions.

The Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan has been incorporated into this document and identifies goals and strategies based on available evidence to create a local community in which people can achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

“This is Council’s most important document. Everything we do on behalf of the community is informed by this plan. Buloke has seen massive growth through our last program of strategic planning and I have every confidence that with the communities support we can continue to work toward improving our way of life in Bloke Shire. Thank you to everyone who engaged with Council over the last six months. Together we have identified what we need to do and how we will do it in collaboration. Let’s all get working on building an ever better Buloke”, said Mayor Cr Daryl Warren.

You can view the Long-Term Community Vision and Council Plan 2021-2025 on Council’s website or collect a hard copy at Council’s Wycheproof Customer Service Centre.

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