June Meeting Wrap

Publish Date: 11 June 2021

Buloke Shire Council’s June Ordinary Meeting was highlighted by the hearing of submissions to the draft Annual Budget 2021/22 and the Council Plan 2021-25 and Long-Term Community Vision.

Council received ten submissions to its draft Annual Budget 2021/22, which details the resources required over the next year to fund the large range of services and programs Council provide to the community and details of proposed capital expenditure allocations. Six of the submitters took up the opportunity to present to Council on their submissions.

Whilst the were no presentations to Council on the night, there were also three submissions to the draft Council Plan 2021-25 and Long-Term Community Vision, which presents a range of strategies to guide Council over the next four years under the Council Plan as well as applying a ten-year lens to inform the Community Vision.

Council will now consider all submission before returning to the table to adopt both the Annual Budget 2021/22 and the Council Plan 2021-25 and Long-Term Community Vision at a future meeting.

Consultation had also come to a close on the Revenue and Rating Plan (one submission) and Financial Plan (no submissions).

The Revenue and Rating Plan informs the approach to generating income required to support the implementation of the Council Plan, whilst the Financial Plan enables improved monitoring of Council’s financial viability, and better reporting and analysis of decisions and assumptions over a 10-year period.

Whilst direct submissions to these documents were low on numbers, a range of submissions made on the Annual Budget 2021/22 and the Council Plan 2021-25 and Long-Term Community Vision relate to these documents. These documents will also be adopted at a later date after further consideration.

It has been established that Council will withdraw from the Rural Council’s Transformation Program following an internal review. Council will continue to explore shared collaboration opportunities in line with the Information and Communication Technology Strategy.

A further trio of key documents were also adopted at the meeting.

Council’s Procurement Policy provides a framework to meet its obligations and responsibilities around procurement activities.

Council’s Asset Management Policy sets out Council’s undertaking of asset management in a structured, coordinated, cost effective and financially stable manner. It also ensures Council’s assets are measured and depreciated in accordance with relevant accounting standards.

The closely related Asset Management Strategy determines the nature and direction of asset management and outlines how commitments outlined in the Council Plan and the Financial Plan will be met.

Minutes and documents relating to the June Ordinary Meeting will be made available on Council’s website. The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held next Wednesday 14 July 2021, with an additional meeting to be scheduled in the interim.

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