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Cr Alan Getley elected Mayor of Buloke

Cr Alan Getley Elected Mayor of Buloke

Publish date: 9 November 2022

Buloke Shire Council has a new Mayor with the election of Cr Alan Getley to the role and Cr David Pollard as Deputy Mayor, at a Meeting of Council held at Charlton on Wednesday night.

A first term Councillor, Cr Getley represents the Mallee Ward.

“I am humbled to be elected by my fellow Councillors to this role and to build upon our collective work in growing stronger communication through more deliberate community engagement,” said Mayor Cr Getley.

“We are generating the kinds of conversations we envisioned, and these will be important to carry us forward through the flood recovery and to retain the momentum to seek opportunities for our communities.”

Cr Alan Getley elected Mayor

Pictured L-R: Deputy Mayor Cr David Pollard and Mayor Cr Alan Getley.