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Council Supports RFA Save Our Tracks Campaign

Council Supports RFA Save Our Tracks Campaign 

Publish Date: 23 July 2019 

Rail Pic

Buloke Shire Council is supporting the Rail Freight Alliance (RFA) Save our Tracks Campaign because the completion of the Murray Basin Rail Project (MBRP) to its original scope and that the Victoria Rail Freight Network must remain in State ownership and control,” Mayor Cr Carolyn Stewart said.

In June, Minister Allan announced that the MBRP was out of funds and that she would negotiate further funding with the Federal Government.  It has been suggested that as part of funding negotiations to complete the MBRP the Victorian Government standard gauge lines would be leased to the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).

Victorian freight volumes are predicted to more than double by 2050, increasing the mode shift to rail will be vital.  Victoria must retain control of its rail network as part of a moving Victorians freight.

“Freight is important for our region, driving economic growth, creating jobs and provide a major boost to the transport industry, agricultural sector and our communities.

“The cost of moving goods is a substantial component of the overall cost of production for many industries – accounting for up to 30 per cent.  Rail is a cost-effective freight option; Victoria must get the investment right. 

“Putting bigger trucks on our road network is putting our community at risk, damaging roads, and slowing traffic. By investing in rail freight and allowing competitive access to Victorian Ports, we can reduce supply chain costs and grow our municipalities. Council is strong in its support of the Rail Freight Alliance and the Save our Tracks Campaign, formalising this support at our July meeting”, Cr Stewart said. 

Buloke Shire Council is disappointed that we must fight to ensure a project that was promised is delivered. 

The benefit to our municipality and Victoria is not in dispute, the commitment to all Victorians should be honoured.

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