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Maintaining Buloke’s Road Networks

Mayor visit roads

Maintaining Buloke’s Road Networks 

Publish date: 18 December 2023

Buloke Council is actively engaged in ongoing efforts to uphold the condition of its gravel sealed roads, especially as we approach the hot and dry months of the year. Gravel sealed roads demand more frequent maintenance compared to their sealed counterparts, given their susceptibility to extreme weather conditions. Over time, these roads can develop uneven surfaces, potentially leading to water pooling at the roadside, causing further damage and safety concerns if left unaddressed. The October 2022 flood event has exacerbated damage in some areas.

Buloke Shire Council oversees approximately 4,300 kilometres of gravel sealed roads. Demonstrating our commitment to sustained road maintenance, Council has allocated $5.5 million in the 2023-24 budget for capital improvements across the road network and $6M in maintenance. This funding aims to preserve the integrity of the road network throughout Buloke.

“The ongoing road works in Buloke highlight our dedication to enhancing safe and reliable transportation for all residents. Through strategic investments and proactive maintenance, we are driving progress and building a foundation for safer, smoother and a more connected future for our community’, said Mayor Cr Alan Getley.

Key measures in our maintenance strategy include deploying 6 graders throughout the Shire year-round. Additionally, our efforts involve the use of water trucks, roller trucks, and specialised vehicles to combat the impact of weather and keep roads in optimal condition. To address specific issues and perform detailed works, specialist crews are deployed, handling tasks such as isolated pothole patching. Excavators, backhoes, and other equipment are also utilised to ensure the comprehensive maintenance of our roads. These proactive measures underscore Buloke Shire Council's dedication to preserving the quality and safety of our road network.

Pictured above: Sam Harrison -Grader Operator, Mayor Cr Alan Getley, Wayne O’Toole - Buloke Shire Council CEO, Colin Noonan -Tractor Roller Operator and Ben Pearce -Water Truck Operator.

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