COVID-19 Statement 

Publish Date: 3 April 2020

Dear Buloke communities,

Thank you so much for your proactivity around measures, including social distancing, put in place to combat COVID-19.

As Council has been communicating to you, we are operating in a slightly varied capacity as we continue to work in accordance with information provided by the state and federal governments.

There is still so much to do, and this is no time for complacency. There are COVID-19 cases in our surrounding shires and, as Council has done all along, we prepare on a when, not if, basis. This is not cause for alarm. Be alert and informed and listen to credible information as this situation continues to unfold.

Council has continued to initiate closures and make some changes to our services to ensure safety of the community and Council staff. We thank you for your understanding.

In the last few days we have closed our recreational and sightseeing lakes to visitors. This in itself underlines the importance of what we all need to achieve. We have closed our greatest assets.

Also closed now are playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment and drinking fountains. Please do not use these facilities and keep children safe as well by not letting them access them.

When you do need to shop, please shop local. There are a range of businesses still operating in our towns that need your patronage when shopping for essential items.

So please, whilst ensuring you are following all precautions, visit our local supermarkets, hardware stores and wherever you get your essentials to minimise travel, lessen crowds in regional towns and importantly support our local economy.

There have been a range of announcements in recent days in relation to funding to underpin businesses and their employees. Council has developed a Business Support Group and deployed a number of staff to work in this area.

This group is currently getting in touch with each business in Buloke to understand their position and help them find and access the support they need.

Our Community Development team are also, as always, hard at work ensuring our most vulnerable community members are cared for.

Remember to keep yourself informed, practice high level personal hygiene and social distancing and encourage others. Most of all keep safe and look after yourself and each other.

Cr Carolyn Stewart, Mayor Buloke Shire Council.

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For further information contact Manager Customer Engagement, Travis Fitzgibbon on 03 5478 0181 or