Colouring Bright Buloke Futures

Council has partnered with East Wimmera Health Service to release a summer holiday drawing and colouring activity book for primary aged children.

The book contains ideas to draw, innovate and to explore colour. 

The books are part of Council's flood recovery and wellbeing response and encourage children to imagine their bright futures in Buloke Shire, and also as an early intervention strategy to ensure that our young people see a bright future for themselves.

Each page is also designed to be gifted to someone they care about. 

The colouring books were delivered to every primary aged child throughout the municipality prior to Christmas.

The colouring books are aimed at empowering children who listen in to conversations in the home, and wonder what they might do to help ease the stress and burden upon their loved ones who have been impacted by floods.

The books are aimed at providing a targeted wellbeing and domestic violence.

The Buloke community has one of the highest rates of divorce and rising domestic violence.

One example is a colour in that asks the young artist to leave the finished picture on the pillow for someone they care about.

You can download a copy of the Colouring Book Here.

Colouring Bright Futures