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Buloke Adopts Draft Annual Budget 2022-2023

Buloke Adopts Draft Annual Budget 2022-2023

Publish date: 13 May 2022

Buloke Shire Council’s Draft Annual Budget 2022-2023 has been adopted for consultation and proposes significant spending on roads, infrastructure and attracting tourism.

Over $6M will be invested into the Shire’s road network, continuing the 2-year trend and responding to our community’s requests that ‘roads are life’ to the Buloke community.

In responding to the Draft Budget, Mayor Cr Daryl Warren said “Public finances are undoubtedly under huge strain and the global and domestic economy are very much still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, however this budget again reflects the values and wishes the community has told us, continuing to deliver on core services.

“Among a range of other economic factors that we needed to consider this and each year is that around 73% of our rates income comes from the farming community.

Whilst Council cannot control massive increase in farm property values seen recently, we can respond to ensure impacts are not stressed by adjusting the farm differential rate down from 70% to 60%.

“Councillors and staff look forward to community feedback on our proposed Budget and working together to achieve our vision by building a better Buloke – a healthy, connected, inclusive and prosperous community”.

Key investments include:

 $18,517M – Our Built and Natural Environment: for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of Councils assets and road network, parks, streetscapes, lakes and waste management. This includes the investing of $6M in the roads network.

 $1.333M – Our Community Wellbeing: Implementation of the Community Vision and Council Plan, review and implementation of Volunteer Action Plan and COVID Recovery Plan;

$0.954M – Our Economy: working with key stakeholders to review and promote housing opportunities, implementation of key projects from Silo Art Activation fund; and

$1.244M – Our Council and Community Leadership: commence implementation of Business Transformation Strategy, continued implementation of the Act, develop Gender Equity Action Plan and continued active review of Financial Plan to improve long term financial management of the organisation.

Buloke Council CEO Wayne O’Toole said Council’s Community and Corporate Planning teams have worked hard to place Council in a strong position to advocate for State and Federal Government funding.

“Without this funding our budget would barely address the ongoing needs of the Buloke community, ensuring we are able to deliver services that are vital to our community well-being,” said Mr O’Toole.

“The continuation of the ‘Fair Go Rates System’ (rate capping) has placed pressure on Council’s long term financial plans, and considerations to balance rates burden.

Council has proposed keeping the rate rise to 1.75% in line with the Fair Go Rates System.

Mr O’Toole said the Financial Plan sets out further information on how Council manages expenditure in line with gazetted rate caps.

The Draft Budget has been developed alongside the draft Financial Plan and builds on Council’s commitment to long term financial sustainability and continued support for the community with a range of initiatives.

The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the Draft Budget by completing an online feedback form at or by emailing your response by email:

Hard copies of the Draft Budget will be made available at Council’s Customer Service Centre or by mail by calling 1300 520 520.