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Birchip Park and Civic Precinct Master Plan

Birchip Park and Civic Precinct Master Plan

Publish date: 20 May 2022

It takes great ideas to build a strong future and the Birchip Park and Civic Precinct Plan project has now reached the preferred option stage of an extensive consultation process.

Participation in the master planning process provides great opportunities for the community to be activated in new ways, with envisioned spaces inherently multi-functional and most importantly, proposed by those that will use it – residents and visitors.

“People have different perceptions of public space, which sometimes makes defining the concept of achieving social equity somewhat challenging and exciting at the same time,” said Mayor Cr Daryl Warren.

“It’s been a highly engaged process and consultation has been extensive: a community survey, listening posts, a four-session deliberative engagement process and two business case and design workshops.

“We’ve enjoyed unpacking their ideas, progressing from four draft options to the preferred option stage and working with them to truly serve the needs of the community in the future.”

The key objectives were to identify a flexible space for large and small user groups, which can also accommodate large gathering and events, contains office space and is ‘youth-friendly’.

The master plan project will review key community and civic facilities, including: the Shire Office, Senior Citizens Building, old Shamrock Hotel, Public Hall, Soldiers Memorial Park (excluding swimming pool).

It will also evaluate costs associated with realising the potential for these facilities. This next step in consultation will inform the development of the design, business plan and feasibility study for the Birchip Park and Civic Precinct Plan.

The design, business plan and feasibility study will be presented at a Council Meeting for adoption, with the project slated for completion by August 2022.

The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the design by participating in the following ways:

Online survey visit ‘Have Your Say’ visit: Hard copies of the survey can be obtained from the Birchip Business and Learning Centre.

Completed surveys can be returned to the box at the front of the Birchip Shire Office, or mailed to: PO Box 1, Wycheproof, Victoria 3527.

Surveys must be completed by 5pm Thursday 9 June.

Ask a question - send your questions to Darci Tierney at or PO Box 1, Wycheproof, Victoria 3527. A Frequently Asked Questions reference page will be created to provide up-to-date answers the community’s questions.

You can view the design and keep up to date with information on the project, including timelines and how to get involved by visiting Council’s website:

Information will also be distributed at accessible locations throughout Birchip. Hard copies can be picked up at the Birchip Business and Leaning Centre.