Sandbag Locations in Buloke:

Charlton (reopened), Culgoa, Donald and Wycheproof residents and surrounds are advised that sandbags and sand are available for sandbagging:

➡Charlton - Shire Depot, Watson St, Charlton (was not open yesterday due to flood impacts)

➡Culgoa - Culgoa Shire Depot, 5-7 Lalbert Rd, Culgoa. The gate will be left open from today and over the weekend for access.

➡Donald - Donald Shire Depot, Avon Place, Donald

➡Wycheproof - Wycheproof Golf Club carpark off Calder Hwy.

Some sandbags are filled, but bring a shovel just in case.

Updated: 18/10/2022

Buloke Sandbag Collection

Starting Thursday 27 October 2022, Council will begin collecting sandbags from the townships of Charlton, Culgoa, Donald and Wycheproof.

If sandbags on your property are flood affected, it is recommended that you dispose of them. For the next two weeks, sandbags will be collected from your nature strip.
If you need assistance moving your sandbags call us and we will be able to help.

Call Customer Service on 1300 520 520.

You can also return uncontaminated sandbags.
Rest assured, in the event of another flood new sandbags will be available!


  • Wear sturdy gloves when handling wet sandbags as they can contain chemicals, waste and diseases
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly after participating in any flood clean up activities
  • Sandbags may be heavy

If you have a trailer or ute, sandbags can also be dropped off here:
✅Charlton - Next door to the Shire Depot
✅Culgoa - Shire Depot, Lalbert Rd
✅Donald - Monty Burton Oval, Borung Hwy
✅Wycheproof - Wycheproof Golf Course (carpark), Calder Hwy.

safe disposal of sandbags 

If you used sandbags to protect your home from flooding, it is important that you dispose of them correctly and safely.

Sandbags may be contaminated after use.

Important tips to consider:

  • Wear sturdy gloves when handling wet sandbags as they can contain chemicals, waste and diseases;

  • Sandbags that have been in contact with floodwater MUST be thrown away. 

Removal and disposal of used sandbags should be dealt with under the clean up and community recovery arrangements as outlined in the Emergency Management Manual Victoria. 

For more information, visit the VICSES Website.