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Glass Out

Glass Out Image

Glass Out is a FREE service that has commenced across Buloke Shire to help improve the way our community recycles.

You can now take your lightly rinsed empty glass bottles and jars to a local drop off. These glass drop off sites, are located at various places across our Shire:

·       Birchip Landfill: 2094 Birchip-Corack Rd, Birchip

·       Charlton Waste Transfer Station: St Arnaud Rd, Charlton

·       Donald Waste Transfer Station: Depot Rd, Donald

·       Sea Lake Landfill: Robinvale Rd, Sea Lake

·       Wycheproof Waste Transfer Station: 281 Mackies Rd, Wycheproof

In addition to these 5 bin locations listed, a further 10 glass recycling drop off bins will be established throughout our Shire over the coming months.

Empty glass bottles and jars do not go in the household recycle bins.

Keep an eye out for NEW locations!

Map of Buloke Bins

Remember to check opening times for all these facilities – with more on this below

Why drop off your glass?

Broken glass can make other items like cardboard, paper and plastic more difficult to recycle. By sorting our recycling into separate streams, we can keep valuable re usable resources, out of landfill. This means glass materials can be used again and again.

Your old bottles and jars can be turned into things like new glass products and even valuable road construction materials.

Buloke Glass Out is an important step, towards better waste systems: the Victorian Government will introduce a fourth household bin for glass recycling, over the coming years. With more details to be provided on this, as progress is made.

For now, please keep glass out of the yellow recycling bin, and take it to your local glass recycling drop off location. A small act can make a big difference! 

Head here for a quick interactive video, explaining what your recycled glass will be used for.

Read further, to find out more:

-     Update your recycling knowledge

-     Opening times for Buloke | Glass Out drop-off locations

-     Frequently asked questions

-     Provide your feedback

If you have any questions, would like to provide feedback or need further information, please contact us via Phone 1300 520 520 | Email or via our Council Contact Page