Buloke Beyond 2030 Begins

Publish Date: 11 February 2021

What do you think Buloke will look like beyond 2030? More importantly, what do you want it to look like?

Buloke Shire Council is about to undertake a large scale community engagement project to help shape its community vision, Buloke Beyond 2030.

Over the coming months, Council is developing its new Community Vision as well as a new four year Council Plan and a looking for your input to make both documents reflective of its community’s goals and needs.

The engagement process will be centred on access, with a wide range of ways to be involved in the project including surveys, listening posts and meetings with community groups and key stakeholders.

This deliberative approach is guided by Council’s Community Engagement Policy, adopted this month, and is essential to ensuring Council’s commitment to provide the community with genuine opportunities to contribute to and inform projects, strategies, services and decisions that affect the community is upheld.

“In 2018 Council and community developed a unique way of engaging with each other to produce our highly acclaimed and often copied Buloke 2030 Plan”.

“That plan has guided us and our communities well. The lessons learnt from that process will assist us and our very diverse community partners to produce a truly distinctive, Buloke Beyond 2030 Plan, that again will be the Local Government standard for Victoria”, said Mayor Cr Daryl Warren.


To learn more about the Buloke Beyond 2030 project and to get involved visit

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