Notice of Urgent Special Meeting 

Thursday 19 December 2019
To be held in the Wycheproof Supper Room

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Sections 84 and 89 of the Local Government Act (1989) Council will consider a Notice of Motion to Amend its decision made at its 11 December 2019 Ordinary Meeting on item 8.2.6 – Drought Communities Programme Extension – Wycheproof Early Years Facility and Birchip Leisure Centre at an Urgent Special Meeting of Council to be held at 9.00am, Thursday 19 December 2019 in the Wycheproof Supper Room. This urgent special meeting has been called in order to consider the above matter prior to the holiday period.

This Meeting is open to all members of the public.

Anthony Judd
Chief Executive Officer