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Buloke Inclusiveness Plan

Inclusiveness Plan


The Buloke Shire Inclusiveness Plan is about seeing and hearing our residents whose voices are often unheard and contributions to our community often unseen.

In many cases, these residents find it difficult to connect to their communities and are unsure where to turn to talk about those barriers they face and what can be done to reduce them. Often, this leaves them unable to contribute to their communities or feel a sense of connection many take for granted. Ideally, there will come a time when these plans are no longer needed. In the meantime, we need to work together to create liveable communities for all and the Buloke Shire Inclusiveness Plan is a very small, initial step towards this goal. The adoption of this plan demonstrates Council is committed to providing opportunities for increasing residents’ social connections and enabling the option of full, meaningful participation as a Buloke citizen.

Buloke Shire Inclusiveness Plan.