Close up shot of a blue lawnmower with cut grass in the foreground and long grass in the background. 

Home Maintenance assists clients to maintain their home in a safe and habitable condition. This service assist clients to maintain their independence, safety, accessibility and health and wellbeing within the home environment. Maintenance services can also assist in creating a home environment that facilitates a client’s reablement goals.

Buloke Shire Council’s Home Maintenance Services provides assistance with minor household repairs, maintenance or cyclical work to your home, garden or yard so that it remains in a safe and habitable condition and to ensure your safety, security and well-being.   

Home Maintenance staff can assist with such tasks as:

  • Trimming shrubs and bushes – if a safety issue for client/carer
  • Mowing, confined to areas immediately surrounding home
  • Removal of rubbish

To receive Home Maintenance Services you will need to be assessed by the Regional Assessment Officer.  An assessment by an occupational therapist is required for the installation of safety equipment.